The best time to see snow in Lake Tahoe is from December to April. During these months, it’s cold, with temperatures often between 25°F and 40°F (-4°C to 4°C). December to February is very cold with a lot of snow, great for skiing. March and April are a bit warmer, still good for snow but more comfortable.

The place can be busy around Christmas and New Year. So, if you like snow sports or just want to see snow, this is the right time to go. Remember to check weather updates before your trip for the best experience.

Peak Snow Season in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe’s winter, from December to April, is known for its beautiful snow. This time is perfect for people who love snow sports or just want to enjoy the winter scenery.

Winter Months in Lake Tahoe (December to April)

  • December: The start of winter. It’s cold, with temperatures often around 25°F to 30°F (-4°C to -1°C). Snow starts to fall, covering the mountains and trees.
  • January and February: These are the coldest months. Temperatures range from 20°F to 35°F (-6°C to 2°C). This is when the most snow falls, making it great for skiing.
  • March and April: These months are a bit warmer, with temperatures between 30°F and 50°F (-1°C to 10°C). There’s still enough snow for winter sports, but the days are longer and sunnier.

Typical Weather Conditions During These Months

During these winter months, you can expect cold weather with a lot of snow. The snow is often powdery, perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The nights are very cold, so you need warm clothes. Even during the day, it’s chilly, especially when the wind blows.


  • In December, Lake Tahoe becomes a winter wonderland.
  • Temperature: It’s usually between 25°F and 30°F (-4°C to -1°C).
  • Snow begins to cover the landscape, setting up the perfect conditions for skiing.
  • It’s the start of the ski season, so many people come to enjoy the fresh snow.
  • Days are shorter, and nights are very cold.

January and February

  • These months are the coldest in Lake Tahoe.
  • Temperature: Expect it to range from 20°F to 35°F (-6°C to 2°C).
  • This period sees the heaviest snowfall, ideal for all snow activities.
  • The snow is deep and perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other fun in the snow.
  • Because of the great snow conditions, these months can be quite busy, especially on holidays.

March and April

  • March and April bring slightly warmer weather.
  • Temperature: It’s usually between 30°F and 50°F (-1°C to 10°C).
  • There’s still plenty of snow for skiing, but the days are longer and sunnier.
  • This time is great for those who prefer milder winter weather.
  • The snow starts to melt slowly, so these months offer a different kind of beauty in Lake Tahoe.

Does it Snow in Lake Tahoe During Thanksgiving?

It’s possible for it to snow in Lake Tahoe during Thanksgiving, but it’s not always sure. Ski season often starts in November. Some years, there’s a lot of snow by Thanksgiving. Other years, it’s not so cold and there’s little or no snow. The temperature around Thanksgiving can vary.

It might be cold, around 30°F to 50°F (-1°C to 10°C), but snow is not always there. So, if you’re hoping for snow during Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe, it’s good to check the weather forecast close to your trip.

where to park RV in south lake tahoe in winter?

Try These Parking Places to Park Your RV in Winter

  1. Skylark Mobile Home Park: 981 Lodi Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA
  2. Chris Haven Mobile Home & RV: 2030 E St, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA
  3. Tahoe Valley Campground: 1175 Melba Dr, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA
  4. Emerald Bay Mobile Home Park: 861 Emerald Bay Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA
  5. City of Lake Tahoe Campground: 1150 Rufus Allen Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA

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