Hiking with kids is a special way to share the love of nature and adventure. It’s about finding trails that are not too hard for little legs but still full of fun things to see and do. Lake Tahoe, with its clear blue water and beautiful mountains, has many trails perfect for families. These paths offer easy walks, lots of nature to explore, and places to rest and play.

When choosing a hike for kids, you look for places that are safe and have interesting things like waterfalls, lakes, and big trees. It’s also good if the hike is not too long so they don’t get too tired. Lake Tahoe is a great spot because it has many trails just like this.

Here are the best places in Lake Tahoe to hike with kids.

1. Eagle Falls Trail

Location: Emerald Bay State Park
Distance: 2 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Eagle Falls Trail is a stunning hiking spot near Lake Tahoe that offers breathtaking views and a manageable path for families. This trail takes you through lush forests and leads to the beautiful Eagle Falls, making it a perfect photo spot. The hike isn’t too long, which is great for little legs.

This trail is great for kids because it has lots to see without being too hard. Kids will love the waterfall and the feeling of adventure as they explore the trail. It’s a good place to teach them about nature and enjoy a picnic by the falls.

It’s a safe and exciting way for your family to experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe together. Remember to bring water and maybe some snacks for a break by the waterfall.

2. Rubicon Trail

Location: D.L. Bliss State Park to Emerald Bay State Park
Distance: Up to 5 miles one way
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Rubicon Trail offers a unique adventure for families looking to explore Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty. This trail hugs the shoreline, providing stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. It’s a bit longer, but the amazing views are worth it.

The trail is good for kids who love exploring. Along the way, there are beaches where you can stop, relax, and maybe even dip your toes in the water. It’s a fantastic way to spend a day outside, showing kids the beauty of the outdoors.

Rubicon Trail is a must-do for families who enjoy scenic walks and want to make memories together. Pack a lunch and enjoy a beach picnic, making the most of this beautiful trail.

3. Spooner Lake

Location: Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
Distance: 2.1 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Spooner Lake is an easy, accessible hike that’s perfect for families with children. The trail circles the lake, offering peaceful views and a flat path that’s easy for strollers too. It’s surrounded by aspen trees, which are especially beautiful in the fall.

This trail is ideal for kids because it’s not too long and has plenty of interesting things to see, like birds and other wildlife. It’s a great spot for a gentle walk, teaching kids to appreciate the calm beauty of nature.

Spooner Lake is a great choice for a relaxed day out. It’s easy, beautiful, and a wonderful place for kids to play and explore safely. Don’t forget to bring some bread to feed the ducks!

4. Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop

Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop

Location: Mount Rose Highway
Distance: Approximately 1.3 miles for the full loop
Difficulty: Easy

Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop is a gentle, flat trail that’s perfect for families. This loop offers interactive nature exhibits along the way, making it both an educational and enjoyable hike. The meadows are full of wildflowers and wildlife, offering something new to see with every visit.

This trail is particularly good for kids because it’s designed to be an outdoor classroom. The interpretive signs add an element of learning, making it a fun and informative experience. It’s also wheelchair and stroller-friendly, ensuring everyone can join in.

It’s a gentle hike with plenty of opportunities to teach kids about the environment. Make sure to bring a camera to capture the beautiful scenery.

5. Taylor Creek Visitor Center and the Rainbow Trail

Location: South Lake Tahoe
Distance: About 1 mile round trip
Difficulty: Easy

The Taylor Creek Visitor Center and the Rainbow Trail offer an easy and interactive hike that’s great for families. The Rainbow Trail includes educational exhibits about the local ecosystem and a stream profile chamber where you can see underwater life up close.

This hike is fantastic for kids because it’s like a walking storybook about nature. They’ll be fascinated by the fish viewing chamber and the colorful information boards along the trail. It’s a perfect introduction to the wonders of the natural world.

It’s a great way to spend a day with the family, exploring and learning about Lake Tahoe’s unique environment. Remember to visit during the fall to see the salmon run, which is an extraordinary sight for both kids and adults.

What to Bring

Here’s a list of items you should bring

  • Water: Enough for everyone to stay hydrated.
  • Snacks: Easy-to-eat foods like fruits, nuts, or granola bars.
  • Sunscreen: To protect your skin from the sun.
  • Hats and Sunglasses: Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your head.
  • First Aid Kit: Just in case of scrapes or small injuries.
  • Extra Layers: Weather can change, so bring a jacket or sweater.
  • Map and Compass: Even if trails are easy, it’s good to have them.
  • Camera or Phone: To capture memories of your trip.
  • Binoculars: Kids love looking at birds or faraway things.
  • Trash Bag: Keep nature clean by carrying out what you bring in.
  • Insect Repellent: To keep bugs away.
  • Flashlight or Headlamp: If you stay out till it gets dark.


I hope this guide helps you find the perfect hike to enjoy with your kids around Lake Tahoe. These places are picked to make sure you and your family have a great time outdoors. Each trail has something special, from easy walks to beautiful views, making your hike with kids both fun and memorable.

Take water, snacks, and maybe a camera to capture the smiles and beautiful scenes. Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place to explore with kids, offering adventures that are just right for little explorers. Enjoy your time out in nature, and happy hiking!

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